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What if mental models constrain our vision of our coding models?

Ok, so I am in the distillation part of the process. Kakoff has put forward a reasonable enough argument about the 'strict father family' metaphour as a good enough excuse to get to neoConValues. While at the same time offering up the core fundamental problem with the 'nurturing family model' - namely that the process does not need strictly typed gender roles to impose order, so that folks know to do right.

And hence reasonably enough, why that whole 'nanny state' works as a meme - since, well, those sorts do not really have a real FATHER FIGURE, and were, well, raised by the horrors of nanny's, and, well, nannyWannaBeTypes. You know, men who are not willing to be as great a Masculinely Male Man, like, well, HanoiAnnieCoulter....

But before folks start stumbling into the wrong metaphours, let us step back and understand how some things really work. Central to the greatest generation ever was the american civilians in the US Military for the duration of defeating the forces of evil. It was in this context that many folks really learned that nurturing is not a GirlThing - it is what you do with your squad in a wide variety of ways - so that they have a basis for doing the right thing, because it is the right thing. Not because of the floggings.

So there has been this contradictory problem inside of the ProWarWankersClub where they confuse their myths about the 'strict father figure' with their desirement to serve in the Waffen SS on the Russian Front, to defeat the forces of whatever... Rather than of course getting themselves bogged down in the realism of how much nurturing goes into making a crack unit a force for AweSome!

Where this got a bit crazy in my mind, is that the problems of 'strongly typed laungauges' can be problematic, when the metaphorical context offers, well, too much overloading to keep track of which agenda is on the table... Well, Hum... Sometimes focusing for a while on Tim Toady, is a gooder thing. It may not be some absolutistBestistGreatNess, but there may be more than a little software development in play at any given point in the play.

Ironically there are really GOODER reasons for python's
TIMTOWTDI: "There should be one—and preferably only one—obvious way to do it."
Since that is the good enough path to wander down, probably most all of the time.

But how can this be????

How can we allow for more than one programming paradigm, without the whole HORROR of Gay HomoZeXual Marriage AgendanistaIsm Jack Bootedly Imposing Capitale Gaines Taxes???

Uh, folks, ever notice how at best the nerd community has this crazy collection of libertarians and psuedo-libertarians, and most if not all of them are never invited to really be the cool kids in the NeoConClownCarCrew... If anything, the geeks get shorter deliverable cycles... but that is another tale to tell...

While I was not one of those blessed with being 'trash canned' as a skoolKid. ( cf Emo Trash Canned hahah - thanks InterGoggle, for giving us myspace vids to help define things ) I am not sure that really works as a good basis for creating software engineering.

As some of my whiney complainer friends point out - one of the problems with some of the computer stuff, is that we have folks who do not know how to make languages, making programming languages. Not a really good idea. But if you have been shunted aside, and it is develop software product, or open emotional scars - why Groovey - or is that suppose to be:
Oh, that is why groovey
But what if we were to think about getting beyond some of this madness? What if we were to look at the way we do things with a bit wider framework?

What I am hoping for, for my kids, and the generation after them, is that we can find safe way to develop languages, tools, and techniques, that will make our lives better, richer, more worth being alive for...

Understanding when it is a good enough idea to have strongly typed enough languages. That one of the gooder things is that it helps the initial testing process, by allowing the compiler to WHINE about various interface non-compliance. But clearly there should be better ways to do software development than that...

Which also leads to the truly wild and crazy - finding ways to work out which 'laws' compile - and perchance more importantly, which ones are wayyyyyyyy sooooooooo deprecated - that the polite thing would be to pull them completely.

Somewhere in between, we arrive at a set of reasonable enough compromises.

Who knows, at some point the species may want to be sapient, and not merely blindly driven by their metaphours, conscious and yet to be made cognitive...
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