drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The farrah fawcet v. jocko horror stories.

Some of my evilDoingEvilDoers have raised the 'she died/he died' problem.

I think one of the issues that would be great for sociologyOfMedia to work out, is whether or not farrah, who used her 'sex appeal' as a way to move into more interesting and socially useful things, such as her support for the cancer problem, before she got cancer, is a part of the problem here.

She was never the stunning media event that Jocko was. So should their deaths be put on the same par?

Given that a major chunk of Jocko's media value was the stuff of NeoConWetDreams - since clearly he was proof, that, well, red hollywoood was always evil. While farrah failed to be the problem child that blondes are suppose to always be. Nor did she opt out of becoming an actual adult, in spite of her gender, and the social stigma....

So there is more than a few issues that are in play here.

But I do not think that it is as simple as anyone would like it to be. Especially in the NotNeoConClownCarCrewSpace - where folks need to be working on which idioticIdeologicalWakyNeff are they bringing to the discussion to begin with.
Tags: memewar

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