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Liberals Threaten America with RI Name Change

RI closer to changing state name over slavery: RI lawmakers step closer to changing longest-in-nation state name to soothe wounds of slavery

Yes, if you understood
The country's smallest state has the longest official name: "State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations."
( op cit )
You could take the mindless leap into the mentally useless "merely being politically correct" posture of wanting to remove all references to 'plantation', just like you want to remove all references to the parts of Math that were used during the times of slavery....

But what IF that were a bad IDEA!

What if that form of 'abolitionism' gets rid of things, without fixing the root cause issues?

What if the really important thing to learn from the history of anti-slavery is the problem of how to build just social systems, where reasoning will need to be appropriately and effectively engaged. Where one is not merely, 'step-n-fetching' ( cf Stepin Fetchit ) for the nice folks as a good person who gets to work inside the house....

What if there are important issues about how to build colour blind economic systems, where that economic system is constrained from engaging in crimes against the citizenry....

You know, the same core issues that were ducked and dodged, as the gamboling about the american civil war shifted from preserving the union to ending slavery. As we moved from the effort to bring real knowledge to the american people across a wide range of issues, including the idea that maybe nonMalePerkin were persons too, and should get the vote, and be allowed to sign contracts, and go to school....

You know, that whole communist 8-hour day, 40-hour work week, mainforce assault on our white christian america...

What if this were a time for serious people?

What if we should really work on how real people really deal with ideas and issues, and start real discussions about sorting out real state, national, and global issues that really need to be fixed????
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