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Radical Out of The Main Stream Clerics Stab Troops In Back with hatred of the Guacamole

Let There Be Universal Coverage:Pastors sell health reform to the faithful.

Yes boys and NonPerkins, it is Wallis of Sojourner v. Tony Perkins of the conservative Family Research Council.

The only positive thing I can say, is that at least Wallis is trying to position National Health Security Preservation as a moral issue, and not merely as the usual gambit played by christianists, that it is important to defend the Free Market That Jesus died on the cross to defend.

Amongst the more important questions is whether progressives as a group will be able and willing to reframe the discussion about 'health care' in a way that focuses on the moral issues, and the morality of american government to provide national security concerns, such as health as a part of winning the insurgencies, and preventing the spread of terrorism.

Or is that just too much to hope for, especially when so many neoLiberals want to be bi-partisan, value free, and wandering around without anything to negotiate, once they adopt the posture that selfish genes are the basis for the laissez-fair market for rationing medicine under the mind numbing bureaucracy of the private sector. I mean, do americans really want their health care protected by the same folks who brought you Enron and the financial sector melt down?

What if the nation really is in the wrong narrative, and we need to get that fixed as well....
Tags: economics, memewar, religion

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