drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

ah yes, the days of simple optimism have left

Iranian envoy: CIA involved in Neda's shooting?

Ah yes, remember those more halcyon times when the CIA was the evil foil, only when it was required for good fiction....

But we live in other times, where the NeoCons want to Nuke Iran to save the people of Iran. Where the idea of Killing someone for the camera is no longer an unthinkable thot. I mean we all accept that restoring the wetlands of Iraq was started just like any other product roll out.

We have likewise come to accept that on the StateSponsoringTerrorism, we are all gay now, as far as Obama is willing to deal with all of the forms of the NationalSecurityPreservationOfAmericanIsmInMarriageAct is all about...

So which side Should the NeoConClownCarCrew be pimping this story!

Will Rush Grow Some Masculine Male Manhood, and manly embrace this story as validation that Obama should be killing more civilians for domestic political consumption.....

Or will we hear more of the Sanfordian Compassion that this is a personal issue...
Tags: republican_pron, war

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