drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What if Governors were the head of their state National Guard Units in a Time of War?

The Day in 100 Seconds: An Invasion of Our Privacy

That there is actually a person proposing the 'dereliction of duty' meme, as if the United States Of America were at any risk of engaging in a hostile fire pay zone event sequence, in which the State CIC's would be obliged to fulfil their obligations under their various and respective state constitutions?

Or that we are suppose to wait for some other foot to Fall?

How Much Longer can we afford these Vicious And Brutal Assaults On Our Liberties by more of the same old lame duck administration types hanging out as more lame duck folks...

{ it seems that the new qool, is that once one is elected to the final term of a 'term limited' office, that one can just jet right straight to the whole lame duck thing. Would this be a good time to talk about the great advantage of simply militarizing government under a national military leadership to put the spark of true religion back into government? }
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