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Why Do Liberals Hate The Guacamole

UPDATE: DC Metro Delayed Upgrades Due To Tax-Shelter Deal

Is it just me, but there had been a time when Tax Shelters were the excuse for why Rich White Obamanites were off shoring their investment funds.

Now it seems that they have been attacking public safety as a part of their stab the troops in the back campaign:
Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority officials told safety regulators in 2006 that they wouldn't replace aging subway cars involved in a fatal crash Monday because of tax-shelter leasing arrangements that Metro had entered into with banks.

The National Transportation Safety Board recommended in March 2006 that Metro either accelerate retirement of the 30-year-old, Rohr 1000-series railcars or retrofit the cars to better withstand collisions. That recommendation came after NTSB's investigation into a 2004 collision in the Metro system.

In a Jan. 10, 2007, response to NTSB, Metro officials wrote: "WMATA is constrained by tax advantage leases, which require that WMATA keep the 1000 Series cars in service at least until the end of 2014. The 296 Rohr railcars make up over a third of WMATA's current rail fleet and have performed well for over thirty years."

Metro said it would replace the cars in 2015.

( op cit - oh FREAK that is a Wall Street Journal Entry )
Well, there you have it! Those Radical Hard Leftist Anti-American Atheistical Draft Dodging Pinko Commie Rags like the wall street journal are spreading their defeatist propoganda!!!

Well. Now it all becomes clear! Those folks Hate Our American Way of Life and are merely spreading their Socialist Gay HomoZeXual Capitale Gaines Taxes!!!

Think of the innocent children!!! Can we really allow Socialized Medicine to do these Horrible Things to innocent children who are riding on public transportation!!! Simply Because Gay Marriages Cause Socialized Medicine!!!

{ hey kids, if in a time of war, one engages in the sabotaging of military grade assets without the benefit of being an actual member of an actual military, what do we call that again??? }
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