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Civilian OverSight Of The American Military

The commander of Fort Leavenworth says criticism of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld by some retired generals who have called for his ouster raises questions about balancing issues.

"I would not ever want to see the military politicized," Lt. Gen. David Petraeus said Monday night during a question-and-answer session following a speech at the University of Kansas. "And I would not want to see generals chosen on the basis of whether they'd keep their mouths shut in retirement, rather than on the basis of whether they can provide sound military advice."

Petraeus said the free speech of the retired generals should be weighed against civilian control of the military.

"I am wrestling with that one," he said.

[ cf SanJoseMercury: Fort Leavenworth commander talks about balance of issues ]

When the President Of The United States, is functioning as the "commander in Chief" who is the civilian oversight.... Oh that is right CONGRESS!!!

But when we abandon the American Way of doing this and have a "War President", who is the civilian oversight to the War President?

Other than God?

But if The War President Worships a God Of War....

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