drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

McHale's Navy explains the Ensign Sanford Affair

Well, when you step away from the HORROR of the liberal media coverage, you notice the common thread of McHale's Navy as the driving force behind the Ensign Sanford Affair!

What we see here are how the Scary Liberals Put Dangerously Deranged People into the Democratic Party, get them elected to high office, as if they were actually members of God's True Party, and use the Horrors of the Evil Liberal Media to continue the evil diabolical plot that these evil liberals are a member of God's True Party.

Then the Evil Liberal Media embarks upon unmasking the democrats in God's True Party, and the scary things frighten innocent children as to the full force of the horror of the evil liberals evilness.

All of which is managed by the same red communist plot from evil red communist hollywood that is at this very moment continuing to stab our troops in the back, because they hate freedom, and caused things like McHale's Navy to destroy the moral fibre and fighting will of true members of God's True Party!!!

Thus proving that we must protect america from the horrors of liberals and their Godless Capitale Gaines Taxes.

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