drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Ugly Shameful confession...

Why ever was I not able to hear this ten years ago?

Ah yes... well maybe some of it has to do with how I was asking the questions, and the contexts in which I was, or was not, able to hear the answer.

How totally Ironic that seems, since, at various other levels, this is a central part of the memeWar, and not just in the frame works put forward about various code stuff, but also the other frameworks, about, well frameworks, and how we frame, for both good and, well bad, so many other subjects.

Hum... there is that other ugly in all of this, namely how do we go about solving too many things at once? How ever did the species get here? I mean, clearly some of the stuff is just dumb. madmerle and I were talking on the bike ride last night about the way that various organs in the brain cause various reactions.... and, well, yes... GETTING YOUR UNDEEVIDED ATTENTION THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE DEADED is probably a good idea when we are living in the middle of the sort of problems, where that sort of FAST REACT SYSTEM is 'good designing'. But will that still be useful IF anyone in the west opts to implement the Civilization Interface?

How do we find a way to do useful information technology when we are stuck implementing it all in the left over parts of monkies that did not get eaten.... Remind me again how this is a Gooder Idea????

In that context, well, there are a variety of coding like implementation of abstract ideas that are clearly way less stoopid than other things....

What will be fun is to see if the species will be around in another 20 years, and if so, what ever will they be doing, besides trying hard not to be extinct....
Tags: code, geek_stuff, memewar

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