drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Goosestepping of the Penguins

Ok boys and girls, the world has clearly taken a brief jog to the Wonky.

It's weird enough noting the usual flow of 'oh really?' moments where we have El Presidente taking personal responsibility for the small social unpleasantry of being a last responder to the issues in the AMERICAN gulf states. Fortunately after El Presidente let someone else resign for failing to do their job, and of course after the 24 states have the national emergency to allow union busting below prevailing wage no bid contracts to El Presidente's Best Friends - you know the folks who were not getting a big enough cut out of the other Gulf State No Bid Contracts. But Hey, these are tough times.

No, then the Evill Liberal Media has the GAUL to whine that NATO does not want to expand beyond their peace keeping mission in Afghanistan to join the american counter insurgency war in Afghanistan. Yes boys and girls, the Ba'athist dead enders seem to be active in Afghanistan and gosh, golly gee whiz, there is a need to win the counter insurgency in Afghanistan. Never mind that the fiasco of ThatIraqiThingiePoo has been the dahling of the typical evil liberal media types who have been drum beating for WAR! WAR! WAR! has up until now not covered the rise of those Saddamists in Afghanistan, or the american shift to a counter insurgency war in Afghanistan. Why covering the transition from the Most Glorious Victory In Afghanistan to the current state of affairs would be too much for the typical evil liberal media types.

But the real pudding is this lovely little review in the media section of Pravda on the hudson, The March Of the Penguins, where we learn the true truth that the National Geographics fun little documentary has always been about how there never was any problem with global warming and there never really was any evolution. That clearly the cosmos is the way that it has always been! That this lovely little family movie is there to help the folks who have been worrying all this time about the ongoing persecution of the evil liberal media that has been destroying our white christian america.

Say What?

Why not go for the gold? Why not move from the movie on through to the need to oppose the president's candidate for supreme court justice because that ranking freaking leftist leaning liberal wants to allow the US Constitution to take precedence over the Divine Will of God!!! Clearly anyone who would raise up the law of man over the law of God is not only a blaspheming apostate spawn of evil! But they probably hate penguins as well!!! So why should we have one more leftist liberal 'black robed justice' replace the last leftist leaning God Hater!!!

I mean if we want to overly anthropomophise the film - why not get out the old two stepper and go for the gusto!!!

How the movie makes it clear that those who could not evacuate from New Orleans clearly must be second class citizen as they are clearly not the elect of god and that those who are trying to help them are opposed to the Divine Will and at War With God!!!

I say now more than ever a GooseStepping Penguin should be the Grand Divine Symbol.

Except for course that the linux folks like them.

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