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What if Social Darwinism were just a little more complicated

Our proof text: Learn, Damn You, Learn!!!
True Rugged Individualists do not call in artillery fire.
Which given american armed forces doctrine
Expend shells not lives
clearly shows why the DOD is just one more Hotbed of socialist welfare that needs to be turned into a profit center. Or maybe there is more than one lesson to be learned from the interesting transmogrifications of Social Darwinism.

First the shorter Social Darwinism:
Bringing to the sociological studies a grounding in the 'materialist' notion that they must be a connection with the biological realism outlined in Darwin's theories about evolution
Which actually covers the three main threads that will arrive as chief players into the 21st century:
  • Christian Evolutionists of neoLiberal bend
  • The classical bloody in tooth and nail alleged science way
  • Blithely Optomistic Marxianist and PostMarxianists
These all basically work the various determinist variants. It should be recalled that originally Darwin's theory of evolution was championed as a way of explaining how the Genesis story would work. The idea was that this methodology of how the diversity of species occurs did not conflict with the underlying argument from design at a theological level.

Granted the current christianists would argue that anyone who holds that evolution is viable in anyway is one of those LeftRight MarxianNationalSocialistPhallangistIslamoCryptoZionists. Since of course if one holds any position but the true biblically literal, then of course you are THEM. So the main reason we don't hear much about the 'liberal church' based theories of social darwinism, is that we are just not getting the sort of media coverage about the liberal church itself. Except when we learn that this or that nigerian or bolivian bishop has come to america to provide headship and dominion for conservatives who are seeking the true military victory over the liberals in their church.

There are a variety of marxianists, since for me, well, yes, they are all red - and as we all know, if you are not pure enough, well, then of course you are communist. So while there are good enough political reasons to argue the distinctions from maoist, through stalinist to Joe Lieberman, it is not always useful. What made this wing of the classical ninetieth century social darwinism interesting, is that they adopted the 'everything is getting better and better' vision! In some cases they were more socially determinist, and in others they adopted the idea that there were clear and compelling arguments that this or that social reform were required to facilitate the change.

In one big ugly, the first world war framework shot much of that down. On the hard corp marxianist side of the game, there were all of the efforts to bring the socialist state into play, and some by force of arms. In the truncated history of the cold war, this is all one Leninist Revolution, driven by the single unified command of international communism. But if you take the time to do your homework, you will learn that there was a variety of socialist uprisings, many armed, many not. If you ultimately notice that Stalin is obliged to shift to 'socialism in one nation', you begin to wonder what the stoners in the cold war were thinking about in terms of their 'monism'. So when the berlin wall falls, this 'socialist' strand of social darwinism is 'shown to have been proven false'. { whether or not factual, the political rhetoric is that socialism was proven to have failed, in all ways, because of the victory of capitalism in Peking... }

What had died on flanders field during the first world war, and would in many ways breed the lost generation, the beats, then the hippies, and ultimately a major post-surrealist branch of the GOP, was the hope in the inevitability of reasoning, and the inevitable upward forces of darwinism at the biological level driving the inevitable socio-politico-culutural standards to only the best of all possible places, in the most Dr. Panglossianesque of smiley faced why worry be happy, the fix is baked into the genes. In short the neoliberalism sucking on the crack pipe of blithe optimism as deterministicalisms. Which ironically also works against any theory of education, and helps in various ways, to explain the educational fiasco in america, with it's on again, off again, effforts to wonder if educability is even IN the agenda.

So it really is not at all surprising that the remaining strand in the process is the fun filled folks who populate the various manifestation of 'survival of the fittest' types who are so willing to pimp it all to play that they are the leaders of the pack. But I hate to be the bearer of social unpleasantry, since I am not as convinced that these are the true 'last man standing' nor that they are all that is left of what can, or should be called social darwinism.

The myth of the 'true social darwinists', and hence that they are the true manifestation of the one true and only variant that could survive from the struggle, has a series of problems. It clearly was the great way to market the play. If I had grown up in a nice american suburb, listening to the one true and only correct manifestation of the true holy gospel of how Darwinism Should have been implemented. I might have followed the one true and only track, and used my mathematical training NOT FOR GOOD! but as one friend says, Use your secret powers for Awesome! and gone into what would become computerized trading. { of what is irrelevant as we have learned. All that matter is that one had some eBuzz about the eBiz and the eDerivatives that be derivable. } I too would have adopted many of the basic arguments of the zeitgest.

But that did not happen for me. Or to put it another way around, why is it that I became a Republican, and actually served in the armed forces. While my brother became a NeoCon, and opted to be a proWarFan, while waving his "battle" tested 4F, even in the era of contract players torturing for jesus! Clearly if we are to buy into the mythology of genetic determinism, and hence that those of us who were born to rule were put there because we are the Best of The Best because of our genetics, we will need to understand why it is that there can be these MUTANTS who are not the true believers! And yes, we all due owe a big MadProps to the experimentation on twins, and the lovely things we learned about what does and does not get inherited by way of genes. Which seems to imply that if there is not a solid genetic determinism, that... Oh dear.

What if some of the sons of the RulingElites are, well, Dorks!

Not Nerd, not hackers, but mere DORKS!

Allow me to propose that there is an other form of Social Darwinims that does not always get talked about in polite society. What if the mythology of 'sexual selection' and the romantic hope of NCE ( Nash Competitive Equilibrium ) were not able to win out against NBS ( Nash Bargaining Solutions ) in the long run actual scientific model? What if what we need is not a third way! Some moderate middle ground between the right hand and the left hand, that Main Stream American Hand? Or maybe a more reasonable way to put the ideas into their appropriate mental frameworks?

One of the centrally critical factors in Roughgarden's Genial Gene is that the critical factor is not the number of matings, but the number of surviving offspring. Or as I pointed out to Alix, after the talk last night,
Remember to get a T-Shirt with your DNA Strand!
That way females will be able to pick you because of your gooder Genes
Which makes about as much sense as any of the other discussions about ornamentation and armourment as the cool things that drive the development of the gooder genes. And if we start losing the alledged science that supports sexual selection. That we find that the actual science supports Nash Bargaining Solutions. Then doesn't this imply that the solution space WILL need to deal with social systems that conform to the real world. Hence that these social systems, based upon the actual darwinism, will be moving in some path other than the myths of the last fourty years, with their mythological new days in america.

Now do not get me wrong, I am all in favor of competition. It is a lovely idea, great for recreation, a fabulous way to do things that will help you get better and better. But since the maxim is
Train as YOU will Fight
I clearly need a theory that explains how small unit tactic will actually be able to work. More importantly, since as we all know,
Amatuers concern themselves with tactics,
Professionals concern themselves with Logistics
I NEED the freaking wankers from the futurist branch of sciFi working their little butts off to keep in front of the technology curve, as well, as their prime mission, which is supporting the POINTEY END OF THE SPEAR! And that pointy end of the spear will need to work and kill well together, which will ultimately lead to the various social systems, such as chivalry, that will outlive the combat zone.....

And trust me, if you are the sort of ideological social darwinianist ayn randianist wanker. Please be ever so polite and get over run! For clearly since you will most likely suffer the damagingly betrayal of your deep inner psyche by calling for artillery support, we would like to be ever so polite as to support you and your unit of all ayn randianista fulfill your true social purpose. Just so long as all of the unit supports you in the full on Nash Bargaining Solution that of course all true rugged individuals do not need those pansies in the rear anyway, and of course, uh, the whole nash bargaining system.... How exactly is this tooth and claw theory of management in small units suppose to work in the full tilt boogie Klingon Kill Your superior as the only path of promotion?

How much more snarky can I get about those 'anarchist union' freaks, who love the rhetoric of their clearly failed form of social darwinism, even MORE SO, now that the freaks in the UK are devaluing the house of lords! Now that in america, the MastersOfTheUniverse in the financialized system, are working ever so hard to show that well of course there was never any danger of anything being wrong in the market place, since of course the inevitable glorious gloriousness of the freedom of the free market, has been, and always will have been the only way....

What we must do is rescue the phrase 'social darwinism' and work on a reasonable analysis of how social systems can actually be 'natural', that there can be cooperation, without as Dr. Roughgarden noted
That LaLa land new age...
well, stuff. Why not point out to the stoner Freaks of the AynRandAbbieHoffMan wing of the GOP that the everybody must get stoned ( cf Rainey Day Woman # 12 and 35 ) is like so last century, totally....

Granted, that way would lead us into the land of The poitical mind and the questions of whether or not anything has changed in the realms of science since the 18th century. Not to mention if any of those changes would be worth supporting. You know, to support the troops!

Why we might even come up with the ideas that child labor laws were a useful way to restrain trade, so that we no longer have the fun of the full freedom of contracts, and therefore.... Or we might find other new and more interesting ways to provide a safe place for actual markets, that can actually act like markets, to work and play as markets. Why that way would mean that things that were not markets, were, well, not markets. We might then be able to find ways to manage things that were not markets and hence outside of the mythologies of markets as if they were really not markets. And no massive emotional attachment to the rhetoric of freeMarketeering, would ever save the day!

We might even be able to develop grand theories about negotiation, negotiable, and ways in which there can be actual constructive cooperative competition!!! For those not aware of it, one of the biggest problems in the whole bloody in tooth and claw cult, is the reality that in so much of the head butting male displays, the intention is NOT 'to the death' - but to the negotiable position that this is Merely About Meeting The Girls, it is nothing personal. Which doesn't help the whole destructive mythos of those who are so gloriously in pursuit of their Cross of Iron, so as to maintain the appropriate social order after the war. Thus if males can find ways to compromise and not kill each other, as they do in actual nature, why gosh, we might be able to find a way to advocate such cooperative competition in the bigMonkeyClub!

Who knows were we might arrive at some sort of great compression, in which the economic issues are not fought out solely based upon the cheapness of the price, but upon the actual quality of the goods and services!!! Yes, there is the like totally scary thought in all of this, that with the adoption of reasonableness as a reasonable way of reasoning. We would no longer impose the soulless emotionless pon farr driven thinking thingies upon innocent and impressionable children. We might even be able to get them to learn stuff in learning places where the point and purpose of learning is about the utility of actual knowledge, the adoption of useful mental models, negotiation strategies, and the requisite math, so that even nonMalePerKins, would be able to follow the mathematics of not only Nash equations, but other places where math is applicable. Who knows, we might raise up sons to understand Musashi's maxims that a follower of the way is as good with a pen as with a sword.

But getting there may require that we stop conceding the mental frameworks to mere mental midgets, and then wondering why it is that things keep getting small. I'm not against Let's Get Small as something that folks do in the privacy of their own home.... But it really may not be a sound basis for a modern scientific view of the world.

Just a thot. Not wanting to prevent anyone from carrying on the Massive Holy War Against the Unbelievers or any of that...

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