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Supreme Court Crushes Freedom In America

Voting Rights Act left intact

Ok, so technically:
The Supreme Court’s decision Monday to uphold key parts of the Voting Rights Act means that broad swaths of the South, including Texas, will still need to get the federal government’s approval before making changes to election procedures.

In a narrowly tailored 8-1 ruling, the high court allowed a utility district in Austin to opt out of the pre-clearance requirements of the federal Voting Rights Act because of its unblemished record free of racial discrimination.

Voting rights experts said the ruling would still require Texas to seek Justice Department approval for any voter ID bill the Legislature might approve, as well as for congressional and legislative redistricting plans.

{ cf ( op cit ) ]
But that clearly did not end the tyranny of having a federal welfare statist NationalSocialistMarxianistIslamoCryptoZionistMarketOppressors.

So only when we all implement what ever it is about the 2nd ammendment is the correct implementation that makes which ever is the correct implementation of the correct form of the response, will americans be free from being one more Iran that has been crushed by the hopes that Obama was going to more aggressively overreach in a pure military solution to bring the freedom to the oppressed who suffer under such Radical Judicial Activism, that causes these implementations of law to be deemed still legal in america.

Which of course explains the massive demonstration in texas.

Or is texas still even in the union, and hence may not actually be iran enough to be in the streets.

But if Texas were still in the Union, then clearly they would be so iranianly in the streets seeking the freedom that can only come when Texans are freed from the horror of a central government that has laws for all of the citizens of the state.
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