drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Where Are The State Security Apparachniki!!!

Is it just me, but the idea of suggesting:
Disaster defense If you've been reading about economic threats and feel exposed, you can add extra protection for three specific risks.
  • Inflation. Best $5k choice: T. Rowe Price New Era (Research). Consumer prices have risen 3.6 percent over the past year, and many analysts think they are headed a lot higher. Even 4 percent inflation makes it harder to save enough for retirement. You can offset that risk by buying New Era (800- 638-5660), which owns natural resources and energy stocks.

  • Oil Shocks. Best $5k choice: Anadarko Petroleum (Research). Demand for oil is soaring in China and India. That alone could mean much higher energy prices, which could depress the economy. You can hedge by buying Anadarko. One advantage is that 85 percent of its reserves are in North America, which means that, unlike companies with wells in the Middle East, it can't be hurt badly by foreign unrest.

  • Recession. Best $5k choice: Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Investors (Research). The first thing new Fed chairman Ben Bernanke did was hike rates to forestall inflation. Trouble is, if he raises interest rates too much, he could tip the economy into recession. If you think you can't ride out such slumps, put part of your money in a long-term bond fund like Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Investors (800-851-4999). Its value will rise when rates fall during a slowdown.
    Tough call: Buy a vacation home
[ cf CnnMoney: Adding pizzazz ]
Are YOU As shocked as I was to hear this sort of Defeatist Propoganda?

I mean shouldn't CNNMONEY be required by the Patriot Act to have a LARGE DISCLAIMER on the Site that comes up indicating
Cnn/Money Supports the Terrorists Who Are Trying To Destroy America Because we Are GOD HATERS And Bush Bashers Who are In League with Satan and are, as this article will show, actively offering Aid And Comfort to the Enemy In a Time of Tax Burden Transfers Unto The Unborn!!!
or something that would make it clear that the authors, if they were expecting to stay honest to their BRUTAL AND VICIOUS acts of Treason!!! Have been, well, very UNAMERICAN by so blatantly Opposing THE Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! With their America Bashing Propoganda that the American Economy is anything but the Greatest That Has Ever Been!!! And will Ever Be!!! Because Today the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! The Vicar Of God To The World, the Defender Of the Faith! The True Keeper of the Holy Majik Decoder Ring! has been called and set apart by God to Be All That He Can Be!!!

Clearly Americans MUST stop this form of Evil Terrorism!!! Or those Iranian Flying Saucers Will Come Back And attack again!!!

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