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My lindar with andre

Yes, that is a play on My Dinner With Andre. Lindar is a play on what brunch would be if it were served between lunch and dinner.

Ok, so it was a gestalt, since I come at the question of why we must burn all sciFi readers at the stake, from a very different perspective than billbill. He is SERIOUSLY power motivated by the utility of sciFi to propose 'what the future will look like' - which in some respects I think is a very vital part of the sciFi possibility - when done well - and not sucking Bilge Water because to get into the revenue stream the SAVAGE BRUTALITY done to the story line to wedge some hunk-a-hunk-of-burning-ideological-deviationist-crank-up-the-CrackPipe-Of-sanctimonious-post-rationalist-annihilate-all-rational-thought-because-we-can-avoide-the-cost-of-good-writers-with-theCGIBudget which obliged some spoofing of the time line. { not to mention the implicit uncharitable bits with the mental frame work.... }

( did I mention that some people take a view that in an emergency, movies like Terminator4 and ThatStarTrekAbomination can be used as bilge pumps, or means to move a new star into place when the current one is no longer up to snuff. Which may forever downgrade my personal commitment to 'your friend the sucking chest wound' as like the grossest thing ever!!!)

But this romance with 'the future' skips over three things that I think are also important, and hence why I look at the KultOfSciFi with askance. Ok, in a jane austen book club kinda way, the adoption of some of the really good sciFi does solve some of the basic filoSophical issues - epistemology, ethics, metaphysics... But there is a lot of the 'future stuff' for which those issues are less relevant, if at all, or worse yet, abused in unpleasant ways.

So it was an interesting insite for me - since some of my evil liberal friends grew up skipping sunday school, and adopting the ethical constructs that they developed out of watching Star Trek syndicated reruns - before the big Kult fave NextGenerationUndtFriends started the great holy wars between the Trekies and the WarStarHordes....

What if folks were truly raised in a values free experience of the sort of sciFi with only 'the future is going to be this cool' writings? Or worse, as I mentioned, like that original star trek issue, that was so relevant, and was about the space hippies, that it is so PAINFULLY JADED ANACHORNISTICALLY PUS FILLED ABYSS OF IRRELEVANT THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT! AND SHOT AGAIN UNTIL THE TRICODER CAME BACK WITH NO READINGS! { not like I still have any unresolved issues with the apostasy of the sixties cult qool of being like so totally hip and relevant, that one was dated before the doing was done. }

So where do traditions come from - and what are the means and methods for evaluating which traditions are keepable, which are mutable, and which will export interpolative tools that will help bridge between unfound solutions for the goldiLocksMoment where it is just right - but without the Irritable and Crabby BEARS!!! Ok, and with like a totally vegan porridge that is life form safe...

What if one of the roles that SciFi MUST fulfill is the creation of useful myths for addressing the parts of aesthetics, ethics, and axilogy that we will still need to provide workable metaphours, even if we no longer have other expressly defined myth systems for presenting this ideas.

Yes, yes, it would be so lovely IF all of the myths of 19th century mathematics were to have worked out as they should have, based as they were upon such lovely romantic 18th century romantic enlightenment ideals ... but what if there is no majikal time machine that will allow us to retreat back to those kinder, gentler, more halcyon times? and we will need to do our homework in the actual 21st century. { and that without jetpacks and flying cars }

What if one of the core structural failures of excessive focusing on the future, well, has all of the look and feel of all of the rest of the 'left behind' series of rapturist literature - whether marxianist or merely christianist - in their awaiting the great singularity that will make us all one with the correct implementation of the future.

What if americans REALLY needed "real change we can believe in", and not merely rhetorical posturing about what the future might look like... What if digging out of the current hole we are in, economically, culturally, and sociologically, will need a whole lot more than merely stopping those digging the hole deeper. But will need at least viable frameworks that have have a chance of pointing at the near term, even if that means pointing to a time before the GreatSingularityOfAll42's.

There was also discussion about how there are problems when cultist of this or that coding thingie are not the folks we should allow to talk about software stuff, because, well they may have already had way TOOO much coffee with their Kool-Aid.... Not to mention other stuff....

Oh yes, and the pad thai chicken was good too.
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