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Why we need more PSA's against Drug Abuse...

Rubio: Iran Should Have 2nd Amendment Like Ours

Or was this the first round of Rubio explaining why he has always supported the military coup option as a way to protect us from stoners who fail to differenciate between elections and, uh, thingies that are like Shiney.

Why oh why the total failure to point out that so many of the gunNuts are not getting the sort of heavyWeaponsSupportNuts on their side of the line about how the 2nd ammendment is really all about defending their sporting options.... Since none of them really want to get all bogged down in the unpleasant reality of the real live and actual changes in warfare since their first musket....

So the gags about the 2nd amendment are really about the emotive power of appealing to things that are longer than they are wide, as a symbolic image, of the masculinity of the maleness of it all, and not that mere wimpy intellectualism stuff....

Or were we suppose to be taking the point the other way around, that this is another one of those stab the troops in the back moment, where some how the porous borders that allow all of those Iranian Terrorists to leak into IranqIstania with all of their weapons, was really all a part of the failed war propoganda of the Klintonesta who do not understand the true manlyNeff of 2ndAmmendmenTizingThingies, so that folks understand how ManlyMaleMasculine your argument really is...

ah yes, there may be a problem here, that 'wide factuals' should really be differenciated from "throbbingUndtTumultous factals' which are clearly the base class for how RealManFactuals are derived.
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