drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Red Hollywood's Stab The Troops In The Back Father's Day Horror

Last Train from Gun Hill

Let's put on our thinking hat here boys and NonPerKins.

We have the Marshall come to serve warrants to destroy the bounty of the glorious free market system, simply because he wants to Brutally and National Socialistically Marxianistically Impose the class warfare of Massive Governmental Interference into the Entrepreneurship of having the Market Decide the True Market Price of Justice, rather than allow some Governmental Bureaucracy impose some Welfare State Model of Rationing Justice on Governmental JackBooting Iron Fisted Ways.

It also has morticia adams as the Brazen Hussy, just to show how Horrific RadFemiSurfNazi's can be in their vindictive and destructive hatred of the free market system.

Makes one wonder why the department of homeland purity did not protect us from Red Hollywood sooner!

Thank GOD we have been freed from those godless days and atheistical opposition to the divine marvels of the free market system.
Tags: movie_review, republican_pron

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