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Why we Must Win Against China

Letter To The Editor: The Not-Quite-Green Toyota Prius

CNW Marketing rates cars on the combined energy needed "to plan, build, sell, drive and dispose of a vehicle from initial concept to scrappage." A Prius costs $2.87 per lifetime mile. By comparison, an H3 Hummer costs $2.07 per lifetime mile. Then there will be the problem of disposing of the used batteries.
(op cit)
An interesting position.

I also found, www.cleanmpg.com but it is not clear which side they are actually on.

I like the idea of
Negotiations are under way between General Motors (GM) and Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery over the proposed purchase of the luxury car brand.

Taylor expects the deal to be done by the end of the third quarter and, although he refused to discuss the amount of money involved, he told China Daily that cash-strapped GM Corp had set financial clout as the main criteria for bidders.
Meanwhile, many countries have mandated their own fuel economy standards. But Taylor said more environmental awareness in the automotive industry was a positive thing and vowed Hummer would be reborn with new eco-friendly, smaller and fuel-efficient models rolling off the production line.

"The Hummer of tomorrow is not as the same as the Hummer of today," he said. "It has to be more fuel efficient, it is a must, and with an (new) investor we are going to change the image of Hummer."

That will not be an easy task, with Hummers widely regarded as gas-guzzling, road-hogging, oversized machines rich people buy to flaunt their wealth.

[ cf Hummer set to go lean and green after sale ]
But as a Puppet Toady of their Chinese Pay Masters, will buying a Hummer STILL be the RealHeManManlyMaleMasculineMalePerkin Kult Icon of the draft dodger crowd who like to be hip to those who are sucking up to the vets, rather than taking a risk in a hummer in the fire fight provided by the welfare queens of the DOD....

One also has the wiki entry, CNW Marketting Research, and this tastey bit
What about the Prius and its allegedly grim environmental impact? The cause of the controversy seems to be a report called "Dust to Dust" by Oregon-based CNW Marketing Research. The report claims a Prius has a higher lifetime energy cost than a Hummer, an assertion cited by George Will in 2007 in his syndicated newspaper column. But the report is ludicrous. It evidently was self-published, lists no authors, quotes no technical literature, never explains its methodology, and contains numerous unsupported and often bizarre assertions. (Sample: a Prius will have a life span of only 109,000 miles whereas an H1 will last for 379,000 miles, apparently the basis for the contention that the Hummer’s per-mile costs are lower.) Only a fool or a commentator with an ax to grind would take such nonsense seriously.
[ cf Do "green" vehicles really save energy? Is a Prius worse for the environment than a Hummer? ]
but I guess we all sorta knew that this was going to be the inevitable end to that discussion....

And if you did not know, denialism has move to denialism blog: don't confuse denialism with debate. Which is interesting, since this has the potential of making the newsing process self organizing????
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