drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Who Is Karzai...

Of All the Global Whiners!!!
Afghan President Hamid Karzai urged U.S.-led coalition forces on Monday to show restraint when attacking militants in residential areas after more than a dozen civilians and police died in two possible "friendly fire" incidents.

As commanders began investigating the 13 deaths, U.S. and Afghan troops kept up pressure on insurgents in volatile Kunar province bordering Pakistan. Pakistani soldiers also deployed on their side of the frontier to stop Taliban-led fighters fleeing across the mountains.

[ cf Forbes: Karzai Urges Restraint by Coalition Forces ]
I Mean who is this wack Job??? And where does he get off worrying about Non-Americans as if they were at human as Unborn Americans!!!

I mean, can we really allow these Ferrigners to act as if they were on Par with American Unborn Persons????

Do YOU want to allow Ferringeners to decide which American Unborn Person should be Brutally Murdered by Iranian Flying Saucers simply because some Ferrign Devil wants to be left alone in the WhateverOnWhomever!!1

Think of the American Unborn Person!!!!

Think of the Innocent American Unborn Persons who's live have been protected because friendly fire incidents were friendlier to persons who might not have been our friends but Clearly Had to Be Called In to prevent any more Attacks by Iranian Flying Saucers like when the Iranian Flying Saucers Attacked American on 09/11!!

We are IN a Time Of Transferring The Tax Burden Unto the Unborn Persons - some of whom may be Americans!!! But I am sure that all Unborn Persons Around the World want to pay their part of what they OWE to live in the Land of the Free, mostly, for those who have not been offered unto RenderMan, and specifically the RenderManOfTheWorld!!! By persons who may actually have been only shorting the market on detainees for political excesses, and not merely denouncing possible persons with Actual Real Imaginary Intelligence Products that might clarify why the Nations we are Still Bombing Flat should have been Nuked to save the tax payers the cost of all of that Bombing To Win....

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