drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But are All Religions Protected?

Texas supreme court affirms special rights for religion

At one level the idea of the state needing to show that it has due cause for it's constraints in zoning laws is a reasonable enough argument to win. But to win on the issue that 'religious half way houses' need more protection than say secular halfway houses makes me wonder about the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act. ( cf Standing Deer - Religious Freedom Restoration Act Under Attack and who could miss GEORGE W. BUSH AND THE TEXAS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT where it points out that the supreme's struck down the Federal RFRA. ( see also
Religious Freedom Restoration Act analysis

Clearly this implies that religious orgnaizations by definition are 'special', as in olympics, and not as in Gay. And therefore need to be protected by the long arm of the state from the buffetting of others.

It of course does not surprise me that Texas gave us a state version of the federal law.

I think that we are reasonably safe that anyone holding to religious positions, such as the peyote smokers, and those who run operating systems from that KULT, will always be disallowed the extra protection of the state of Texas....

But I will always expect that we will hear about the problem WHEN it is an attack on a true christian religion, and not one of those PapistMormanIst Kults.

And I think we all support this, since, well, those types of people are not really citizens.
Tags: law, real_american, religion

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