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On winning Democratic Elections

The Weight Of The World

No, Seriously. Given the american rhetorical posturing about what should or should not be on the table when negotiating.... Is The Nuke Iran Option still on the table?
David Brooks is excited. Revolution is shaking Iran, and he wants action. But which action?
There is no formula for undermining a decrepit regime. And there are no circumstances in which the United States has been able to peacefully play a leading role in another nation’s revolution.
Then maybe we shouldn't try to do it. Maybe we don't even have the right to interfere with other nations' elections. Maybe we aren't the boss of everyone else. We wouldn't let Iran undermine our elections.
[ op cit ]
yes, what if all of the so called patriotic talk from the folks who just lost the local elections in their own country, are backing their own religious belief in an insurrection, are not sure how to support their shooters, and are still working out if they fully support torture, or should it be limited to pay per view channels....

Maybe those folks should tend to their own mending....

Meanwhile it might help americans to take the time to look at the rehtorical posturing, to get their brains around the reality that we live in a blipVert world, where tragically some of the best journalism is coming from the comedy channel...
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