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Yes Virginia We Live in a Post Factual World

In the first piece
TPM Reader MM:Isn't it funny that conservative who used to complain about Obama's use of rhetorical powers as "just words" now think his relative caution in speaking out about Iran is a deep betrayal of everything American?
[ cf ]
which followed right after
While Norm Coleman was battling for his political life in 2008 in a race he ultimately lost to Al Franken by a mere 312 votes, his colleague John Ensign -- whose job as chairman of the NRSC was helping GOP senators like Norm get re-elected -- was off having an affair and finding jobs for his mistress' family.
[ cf Poor Norm ]

What if the Price of Loyalty went down faster than the hedge funds?

What if it is more important to sound like one is saying the right things, than to actually be saying them.... { some of the Obamanites may well be feeling this too }

What if the important part of the dialog is understanding how to build the sorts of psychic defenses that we need to filter out the OrganicFertilizerMeme so that they can be more appropriately be used to grow the new BioDieselThots...
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