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Congressional Sovereignty is Stabbing Troops In Back?

Congressional Sovereignty Caucus Launching Next Week

You have to respect the idea that currently congressional crews are getting their game on to stop the intervention of international freaks...
"Sovereignty is vital for America because we are an exceptional nation," wrote Lamborn, "one uniquely blessed with a vibrant Judeo-Christian heritage, as demonstrated both through its founding documents and by the witness of history. For any nation, and I believe especially for America, to give up any degree of control of its destiny to transnational bodies is irresponsible and wrong."

Their first meeting sure will have an interesting line-up. North, for example, covertly sold weapons to the Khomeini regime in Iran and then wore his Marine uniform at a Congressional hearing in order to justify himself. And Gaffney has written opinion columns in which he's raised suspicions that President Obama might not be a natural-born citizen, or could be a secret Muslim.

( op cit )
Well that should be a great show....

Especially since Ollie was working under the divine rights of the Unitary Executive Principle, that one should look as tough on THEM as one can until it is time to duck the bullet and let the Admiral take the flack...

We can ONLY hope that they will finally take us out of the Berne Convention as well as end all of that God Hating America Bashing Open Market trading in GOD's One True Dollar!!!

Or would this be a great time to point out that there may well be other issues that are actually in play in this sound byte that have little to do with the actual rational single point of thin factualism???
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