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But is obstruction of Justice Really a Gooder Reason to impeach a judge?

The House of Representatives voted unanimously to impeach U.S. District Judge Samuel B. Kent, who has refused to step down from the bench after pleading guilty to obstructing an investigation into charges he sexually assaulted two female employees.

The impeachment case now goes to the Senate, which will hold a trial to determine whether he should be removed from the bench. Federal judges are appointed for life and can only be removed by Congress.

Representative John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat who heads the House Judiciary Committee, called Kent’s actions “shocking and shameful” and urged fellow lawmakers to vote for impeachment.

Kent began serving a 33-month prison sentence this week after pleading guilty in February to obstructing a judicial panel, allowing him to avoid a jury trial on sexual assault charges. By refusing to resign, Kent, 59, continues to collect his annual $174,000 judge’s salary.

[ cf U.S. House Impeaches Judge Kent; Senate to Hold Trial (Update1) ]
I mean, it is not like he is gay or anything?

Clearly now more americans know what it is like to live under the brutal tyranny of TheUppityOne.
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