drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

IranqIstania Insults America

The row was sparked by Ayatollah Khamenei saying the UK was the "most evil" of Western governments.
[ cf Protest at Iran's 'evil UK' claim ]
Well, there you have it!!!

The Unbridled Hatred of our White Christian America, that allows the IranqIstanians to give top nod to the UK as the Number One Pole Position For EVIL!!!

Can there be any doubts that we must Liberate VenezuelaColumbiaBolivia from the horrors of Hugo Saddam Hussein Chavez, so that all fossil fuels, and their Lithium fellow travellors, have the freedom to come to the global economy of the United States of America, unmolested by SomaliMexiKanadianistZombiePirates!

Are YOU doing YOUR Part?

{ or are we suppose to buy into the obvious liberal media propoganda that somehow simply because the civilian president is an IslamoCryptoZionist, that this disenfranchises the WarPresident in a time of tax liability transfer? }
Tags: republican_pron, war

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