drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

MemeWarfare Goes Post Surreal

Barack Obama: Unitary Executive Theorist

Hum.... why is it that redstate is trying to sell the idea that the Obamanation is a unitary Executive Theorist? Could it be that since the RINO Rave Dancers failed to deliver on the totally awesome All Republican All The Time Everywhere ambition, with winning in IranqiStania, the mythology of 'unitary executive principle' is no longer the expected Extra Judicial Powers that they were suppose to be.

Ah yes.... makes one wonder if we should beleive this newer version of what we were all suppose to believe, back when the question of the day was
Would You Give Hitlary This Power?
and all knew that there was no chance for the dems to ever darken the white house.

So amongst the real questions is whether the gambit at red state has any real intention of dealing with which majikal powers are afforded the Supreme Executive, based upon watery bints lobbing scimitars, or is this an effort to construct the persecution meme about the firing of the IGs in the TARP space....

Hum.... makes one wonder, which meme war is which.
Tags: memewar

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