drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Can americans allow Peru to Fall To NepaleseMaoists?

Images reveal full horror of 'Amazon's Tiananmen'
Peru accused of cover-up after indigenous protest ends in death at Devil's Bend

For those following along, Currently Bolivia has about 50% of the Lithium production, and is not Peru, cf If Bolivia Is The Saudi Arabia Of Lithium, Then What's Chile?* (SQM). So we really have to wonder why it is that the Independent is even following this issue in Peru?

More importantly, why isn't the Independent covering the Horror off IranUSA, and the brutal repression of GOP like persons.

For folks who may not know, Lithium is the stuff used to make lithium batteries, for cars and laptops, and all things nice. So if the fight were in Bolivia, yes, it would be the other IranqiStania, since it really does have a strategic raw material....

But what if the meme is really merely about the problem of domestic political concerns about appropriate representation of the undeserving. You know, folks who are unwilling to put up the money to buy the government of their choice.
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