drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

BlipVerting the new combat epistemology

Fox caught with its pants down on ABC attacks.

The interesting MemeWarfareComponent is that we are now seeing news on news being covered by simply running the 'what they say now, what they said then'.

That is a great way of showing that there are problems in the actual semantic tokenizations.

But does it actually address the underlying narrative issues? Yes, Fox was the puppy of the white house under Dubya, but is that really the story? Isn't the real story here that the GOP hated the Fairness Doctrine, because it worked against them. And now has to support their own freemarket story, while at the same time, trying not to attack their own freemarket story, since, well that would mean that folks like FoxNews would have to allegedly live under the same sort of Godless Persecution by my free market fundamentals as all of the other clown show stations out there....

So there are clearly more than one set of stories in play here....

Which are the wider factuals?
Tags: memewar

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