drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Total Victory Of Better Meme's

I've been skimming some comment sections around the wingnutosphere on the health care debate and I'm noticing a lot of talk about how illegal aliens are causing the health care crisis and the best way to fix it is to deport them all. Is this just some kind of conventional wisdom or is it a talk radio campaign?
[ cf Big Fix ]
What if the Nativist narrative were a peculiarly american cultural myth?

Since, well, realistically, even the native americans got here from over the land bridge, and by boat, from siberia.... So having a Native Kultur, is uh, well, not grounded in genetics.

What makes it work is that we get to marry it to the Heroic narrative, since, some are inside the Alamo, or Fort, and it is the duty of all true citizens to be the cavalry that saves the settlers... { would this be a bad time to mention the Edward Fox Bit in A Bridge Too Far about XXX Corp riding to the rescue of the Airborne at Arnhem - both for the basic power of that meme, as well, as, it's abuse? Or would that be rather pedantic here? }

What is tragic is that folks are willing to buy into the whole "illegal space aliens" and how those ISA are sucking out the brains of innocent americans being duped by the Uppity One....

Or should we be address the core problem of identifying the various naratives, and showing that they are part of an ongoing story.
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