drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

On Fat Facts

I stumbled across an interesting construct last night, what I call 'fat facts' or more politically correct, 'wide facts'. In the failed pre-911 kultur, facts were merely factual. Now they come in a newer, wider model, one that more accurately represents advanced systems, where there is garbage collection implemented. Thus as a minimum - facts will carry either a 'best buy date', or a reference count of the number of entities that still believe that the given fact is still factual.

Lakoff of course takes the interesting discussion of narratives - and it is interesting as an approach - since it would argue that the structure of a 'wide fact' would have at least a pointer to a list of narratives that offer the proper decryption mechanism.

All of which should help us past the failed days in which facts were merely factual.

There is truly a bright new day, IF we can only find our way past the horrors of the failed pre-911 kultur of mere neo-liberalism.

Getting our brain around the idea of 'factuals' as a new class, and a way that is clearly closer to how we really IMPLEMENT our dealing with mere data stuff, is, well.... an ugly part of the process. If we are lucky it may even offer us a way to get to the appropriate level of combat epistemology, and from there the happier hopeful place where the correct meme's win...
Tags: cogsci

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