drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is your Ideological Deviationalism Pornographic?

Hey kids, which narative is this?
China's Internet watchdog on Friday ordered Google (GOOG.O) to stop overseas websites with "pornographic and vulgar" content from being accessed through its Chinese-language search engine.

The China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre had told Google to "make immediate changes" and clean up the content available through its search engine (www.google.cn), the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The targetting of Google illustrates the difficulties faced by foreign Internet firms doing business in the world's largest online market while avoiding charges of censorship.

[ cf UPDATE 1-China orders Google China to block access to porn ]
But of course Jeffersonianism is the precursor state to the HORRORS of addictive-behavior known as PornographySyndrome.

And as we have seen, when the Internet Perverted otherwise innocent people in Iran, they become victims of the addictive-behavior cycle of PornographySyndrome that clearly causes the current Nepalese Maoist Revisionist Deviationalism of self loathing...

Remember, facts are merely a facet of the reality in a post factual society.
Tags: memewar, politics

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