drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What if the Nieman Journalism Lab is correct?

What if the face of Journalism is changing? cf Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University :: Aiming for the Future of Journalism...

I like dr_strych9 article Modern Problems: The Heckler's Veto - and really have to wonder if a part of the problem is that folks are looking at the pretend media as if it were in any way still journalistic? Isn't that a part of the question that is being raised by the firing of Froomkin ( cf Froomkin Torched amongst other sources ) from the WaPo, which has not been doing all that good a job. Well one could be polite and say that it has not yet done as bad a job as the NYT...

So what if the problem of the Cable New and other forms of 'evil liberal media' - including FoxNews - is the story of a dying technology married to a dying weltanschaung....

And that the really interesting discussion is to be found in what comes next.

What if understanding how human minds actually work WILL be a requirement of getting into the Big Gun Club so that we at least are now viewed by the space aliens as some form of mental disease....
Tags: intelligence_revolution, memewar

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