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Got SkyNet?

I wonder if folks would worry about Plan to teach military robots the rules of war. Or should we just all smile and hope that Human Intelligence Systemss are going to be on their way....

Why Heck, we could even think about a major educational programme to teach mere civilians the Laws of War, or The Avalon Project - The Laws of War, there are others, and it would be useful if folks were aware of the issues. What is a War Crime and what should we do about them. ( see also
(a) Offense.— Whoever, whether inside or outside the United States, commits a war crime, in any of the circumstances described in subsection (b), shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both, and if death results to the victim, shall also be subject to the penalty of death.

(b) Circumstances.— The circumstances referred to in subsection (a) are that the person committing such war crime or the victim of such war crime is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States or a national of the United States (as defined in section 101 of the Immigration and Nationality Act).

[ citing Title 18, Part I, chapter 118, section 2441. War crimes ]
Since if the civilians were aware that there were applicable law, would it change the debate?

Or should Robots be Smarter than mere persons....
Tags: geek_stuff, war_crimes

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