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Lock Up The Silverware and the White Women!!!

A battle has begun in a remote and heavily forested area in the Indian state of West Bengal. Government troops have been sent there after Maoist rebels seized a number of villages, began killing political rivals and torching government offices and police stations.

Para-military troops have marched into a zone declared liberated from government control by insurgents.

Witnesses say police fired tear gas shells and rubber bullets to disperse Maoist sympathizers attempting to block the advance of government forces.

[ cf Indian Troops Launch Offensive in West Bengal Against Maoist Insurgents ]
Well, there you have it!!!

More proof that we must Nuke Iran to protect america from Nepalese Maoist ZombiIsms, but that we must liberate VenezuelaColumbia from the HORRORS of Hugo Saddam Hussein Chavez, who is so obviously the Nepalese Maoist Zombie Somalian Pirate IslamoCryptoZionist threatening our way of life!

{ see, simple, straight forward plans to appropriately respond to the growing international threat, rather than the failed liberal agenda of seeking to pass meaningful healthcare reform!!! }
Tags: republican_pron, ugly_thot, war

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