drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

California soon to be new Latvia

I've been hearing the California crisis, and the Governor's response, referred to as a kind of shock doctrine, used to transform the state's social safety net and radically alter the lives of the poor and downtrodden. And that's entirely true. But not necessarily through the budget cuts, which have met fierce opposition from Democrats and the nascent activist progressive movement. No, the real shock doctrine is happening behind the curtain, with a proposal engineered with bipartisan support, that will really permanently turn the state into an experiment in Chicago Boys free-market fundamentalism, not unlike the conservative "paradises" created in developing nations, all of which are crashing, by the way.
[ cf The Latvia Option (url in original) ]
Well, there you go, the tip of the spear!!!

Clearly now the California Department of Defense will lead the way at being the Most Profitable Profit Center in the Nation!!!

{ the other rational analysis is to look at the simpler - 'they started the crisis to destroy the various programmes they do not want to fund' }

Would this be a bad time to remind californians of the glorious military victories that the free market has always been winning? Or should we keep reminding ourselves that we need to be warry of the growing threat of the nepalese maoists? who could at anytime take over the state!!!
Tags: economics, republican_pron, war

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