drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Americans NEED bettery ferryTales....

Or was that suppose to be that we should save the farthings to pay the ferryMan?

First off is the rude unpleasantry of A Wall Street Fairy Tale where the Evil DeLong stabs the troops in the back by doubting that the Wonders of GoldiLock's Mission Accommplished Victory over the evils of wall street banking scares back in September 2008 should be remembered in any other way than the total military victory that it was. Since to construct it anyother way would be to advocate that it was not a military victory, and was an economic issue presenting a failure of rational expectations and thus the need for some sort of reality based regulation.

In Related Steven Kinqesque scary stories we have Comment for the Economist on Christina Romer (2009), "The Lessons of 1937", in which the Evil DeLong, again stabs our troops in the back by suggesting that recently reported unemployment numbers in any way indicate a change from those that were reported as the Correct Projection when the Valiant Victory Against the Evils of Liberalism On Wall Street Lead all To Praise The Greatness of Great Leader, who's military brilliance defeated the unbelievers in 2008.

I mean do americans really want to retreat into the horrors of the failed OLD EVILS of mere factualism, when the correct faith based approach to policy will win!
Tags: economics

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