drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

In case folks are unaware.

Threatening the life of the president is a crime.

For those of you who may not have the comparative life skills, allow me to offer you one small piece of understanding. Being detained by the american secret service means being detained by a lawful secret police force - and most of them are nice folks.

Advocating the armed overthrow of the united states government is also a legal problem.

I understand that it is a popular meme amongst the FreeperVilleFollyTypes - but given how they are so willing to run and hide when the actual shooting starts. You really will need to work on a far better solution to actual problems than pretending that the FreeperVilleFollyTypes have the balls to follow up their rhetoric with action.

That being the case, I hate to sound like a dull, pedantic and rational kinda guy, but, well, life is just that way. I have going to have the PsychoFun of playing two books off each other The Poltical Mind by George Lakoff in the right hand corner. While in the left hand corner, we look at the cogsci WackoNeff of Head First Java: Your Brain on Java - A Learner's Guide, since dusting off some Java will be the freebie side effect.

The main theme of course remains my interests in CogSci.

And IF we are going to be rationally talking about how we learn, and how we can change, then it might be a good idea to go that way....
Tags: cogsci

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