drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Personal Crisis Time

Well, I just got my laptop back from the Apple Store, and it is getting upgraded to 10.5 as I type here. It is so much fun to have a development box and a lifestyle box.

So I have opted to do the CRAZY, and stopped by Fry's to pick up another cable set, for the KVM, and now my first Personal Geek Moment - bought a pair of altec lancing speakers for my mini. I am SOOOO one of the kewl kids now...

Ok, so the owner of Digital Guru looked around for madmerle, since this was the first time I had walked in alone.... and he was well playing the on going gag that has become a part of that social dialog.... Since ruth was buying books for work, and I would geek... Very Much the Modern Social Dialog I would say.... What with her repressive EVIL OpsPerKin looking down on mere 'sister mary software guy' types of kvetching... Oh the horror of it all.

So I bought a couple of books to add to the geek pack....

Will reality ever stabilize?
Tags: geek_stuff

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