drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Britain Attacks Freedom

I am just shocked!
The Lib Dem leader is the most senior politician to say Trident should not be renewed when it expires in 2024.
When Tony Blair agreed to renew the submarine-based missile system in 2007, 97 Labour MPs opposed the move.
"We have to be realistic and candid about what we can and can't afford as a nation," he said.

"If we don't move with the times, if we don't accept circumstances have changed, if we don't accept our capacity to pay for everything we're paying for at the moment is going to be more limited in the future then I think we're not being candid with the British people, we're not being candid with ourselves."

[ cf Clegg says no to Trident renewal ]
But what if the WarPresident wants Britain to Nuke Someone, just anyone, how will they be able to do that having abandoned God's One True And ONLY Nuclear Threat!!!

Now more than ever we must ship the british to Iran, and make room for some decent folks to take over paying for massive retaliatory nuclear first strike enhancement features, just like the bible demands....
Tags: war

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