drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

in case you were following the Geneva Convention Concerns

One of my formerly a member of the Tribe sent me: The Bush Administration's Stunning Geneva Hypocrisy.

It is somewhat interesting.

Who knows, as we continue the WhateverOnWhomever, I wonder why it is that so few of the FreeperVilleTypes are not willing to call for Geneva Convention Protection for their armed militant 'so called lone wolf' shooters - or is the core problem there that this would lead to the psychological trauma that the FreeperVilleFollies would have even more WarGuilt to cope with, since clearly the SpecialLoneWolfAssignmentKlique was giving all of the gooder LoneWolf assignments to gays and girls, just like the welfare queens in IranqiStania.
Tags: war_crimes

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