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Yesterday afternoon Glenn Beck and two of his guests argued that Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party were "leftwing"; that "political correctness" led the committed white supremacist, James Von Brunn, to shoot a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC; and that ultimately President Barack Obama is the one responsible for the violence because his "bailouts" and "Socialistic" policies are engendering widespread anger. Beck denounced those who claim he is "churning the pot" because, he says, "the pot is already boiling."

Seeing this spectacle with subtitles at the gym led me to wonder if there are any laws on the books against using the public airwaves to incite violence. Because that is clearly what Beck is doing. I only caught about ten minutes of the show (about all I can stand) and it was a white reactionary tour de force -- incendiary, stupid, and racist.

[ cf Glenn Beck Spins the Holocaust Museum Shooting ]

Could there be a problem or six here that we as a nation will need to get back to, after we finish the current media events of Iran's effort to work out if they truly feel that they are being More Victimized by the Evil Obamanation, or by the home grown religious folks....

For those of you playing along at home, if you visit a book store, you will find that Glenn Beck has his own "common sense" book, that also includes one by some Atheist Thomas Paine. So is Glenn Beck actually attacking the Atheism of the original Thomas Paine, and all of the rest of that radical hard leftist God Hating America Bashers who supported the Rights of The Common Man, or is Glenn Beck just joking, because he never knew that Thomas Paine was a well known God Hating America Bashing Unamericanist! Cause, well, he never really actually understood all of that the age of reason stuff, cause we all know that the nation is so passed those failed modes of mere liberalism.
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