drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Environmental Extremists Gone Wild!!!!

The village of Marshallville must spend nearly $2 million to build a sewage treatment plant to replace its failed plant within 30 months under orders from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition, the Wayne County village must pay a $5,000 fine to the EPA for violating the federal Clean Water Act and spend $100,000 on a wetlands project at the site of its current sewage plant.

The EPA orders, released Thursday, were signed on March 20 by the agency and on March 6 by Marshallville Mayor Robert Brooker.

Under the orders, Marshallville with its 826 residents has until November 2008 to design and build the new sewage plant capable of meeting EPA standards for treated effluent.

[ cf Sewage plant mandated ]

Euro-Narco-Enviro-Terrorists What Is WRONG with dumping raw sewage where ever it happens to fall down! Doen't these radical extremists UnderStand that we are a NATION in a time of Transferring the Tax Burden Unto The UnBorn!!!! And Lo, if they survive to the End Times, and the Rise of the Anti-Christ, it will be the least of their problems if there are merely water borne plagues and pestilence, for the bible is clear that in the end times the Four Horseman, and 23 lesser John Deere's, of the Apocalypse will come upon the People as a Judgement for their Sins!!!

{ Is it just me, but the bible really would be a Great Place for the Appropriate Level of Product Placement Advertisements that would show the cultural sensitivity of americans to the needs of a free market system unfettered by these Evil Excessive Governmental Regulatory Extremists!!! People who are afraid to admit in public that there is no Line In The Bible that Mandates Euro-Narco-Enviro-Terrorists from the God Hating America Bashing EPA!!!! }

Clearly Americans Must Rise Up and Say that they oppose the Abuses of the evil Liberals and their Euro-Narco-Enviro-Terrorists Hordes!!!

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