drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Americans Support The Draft Dodger Kultur?

Or should we point out that since the Draft Dodger Kultur has survived all these years of active involvement in the ongoing IranqiStania Thingies - should we give them more emotional trauma about how the Obamanationists are giving all the good combat billets to gays and womens, and picking on the various pantsLoad players who would still not care about actually serving in the combat zone because, well, gosh, they STILL have better things to do with their life than be in the Welfare State that is the department of defense.

That being the case, what if we, as americans support the Iranian Opposition, as they seek to establish Iran as an Actual Free Republic, and not the noisey clattering space of mere religious bigotry seeking to pretend that they care about law...

yes, what if the Iranians will need to seek an iranian solution, and not another puppet of one more overseas occupation force....

Or as some already know - it is a whole different ball of wax, when you arrive in a country to do what one's morality mandates - without all of the luxuries and amenities of the state sponsored occupation of that country. But that way of course gets us into the mess of how committed are americans to the reality of their rhetoric.

Who knows, this might be a great time for americans to work out which position(s) they really hold about the need to have a 'religious state' that is capable of protecting them from the threat of mere civilians electing their own civilian government....
Tags: religion, war

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