drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should We Make A New Image or Account?

Clearly the most pressing KulturKampfQuestion is:
Should the Evil Twin Zweieux have his own image?
and would this help things, so that when i am posting under that conceptual space, I could Identify it by an icon, supporting a more graphic approach to differenciating between Drieuxish, and Too Drieuxish, you know, for the Goyim!

Oh yes, please help me find newest Internet craze:
Normal Friend Purchasing Consultancy!
since clearly, the fact that we are in this discussion indicates that I MUST find a few good Normal friends before my son shows up....

I mean, I would hate for him to mistake me for my Evil Twin Zweieux.

Update: too late: re: actually no where we see the rise of zweieux.
Tags: zweieux

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