drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Trump Unmasked As GayIslamoCryptoZionist!!!

Is anyone at all surprised, that while the Obamanation is pushing christians into the death trains to the death camps of liberalism, the GODLESS AMERIcA BASHING Evil Spawn of Satan, Donald Trump, is stabbing our troops in the back with his hatred of the guacamole!
There will be no more second chances for former Miss California Carrie Prejean. The Miss USA runner-up has officially been fired, this time with the blessing of pageant owner Donald Trump.

Miss California pageant officials said Wednesday that Prejean was fired because of continued breach of contract issues.

[ cf Donald Trump Finally Says 'You're Fired!' to Miss Cali ]
Now will the teabaggers do the god fearing christian thing and randomly shoot some folks as a sign that they support the One True Way, and are willing to be martyrs for their belief in protecting us from the Donald Trumps of The World?

Or will they follow deep in the ruts of their draft dodger culture and keep sucking up to those who seem to be sucking up to some vet tradition, even if that is not the welfare queens in the DOD who are preventing it from becomeing the TRUE Profit Center that will restore our Homeland Security Investment Bubble!

Are YOU doing Your Part to save the Unborn Ideas!!! By stopping those who would brutally murder them before they are born ideas!!!
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