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Calculated Risk recently posted a cool chart that showed that there's a strong relationship between the monthly value recorded for the 10-Year Constant Maturity U.S. Treasury Yield and the monthly value recorded for 30-Year Conventional (Fixed) Mortgage Rates. In fact, we thought that was so cool that we've build our newest tool around that relationship, which means that now you too can predict where mortgage rates might be going in the United States!
[ cf Predicting Mortgage Rates and Treasury Yields ]
Ok, so I have to confess, I took a personal PsychoMoment at the thot of transporting the aborton rhetoric to the realm of Combat Epistemology and was wondering how in God's Green Earth was I going to find a good enough excuse to use the meme.

Then JESUS rose from the dead and gave me the piece from calculated risk.

I mean, HELLO BOYS AND NONPERKIN!!! the relationship between the 10 year treasury and the 30 year mortguage was once a well enough understood defacto standard that it was doable with back of the napkin calculations that did not require more than a freshman high school knowledge about cyphering and arithmaticing.

Oh holy smack me, we are on the speed racer fashion show run for the Dark Ages!!!

Stop THEM from MURDERING INNOCENT UNBORN IDEAS!!!! Clearly with any effort towards Reasoning, and the ThingusOfPoohIsBeSnarkeled!!!
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