drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Anti State Terrorists Should Not Believe the Past, it is Old

In light of the recent parade of shiny brass stars coming forward from their well-deserved retirement to call for the resignation of Field Marshall Donald Von Rumsfeld, I'd like to bring to your attention an old news article about a general who lost his career when he publically contradicted the Defense Secretary by saying the Army was stretched thin in Iraq and Afghanistan and needed more troops.
[ cf s9: General Dreedle Wants You To Like Him ]
I mean the alledged old article is from alledgedly May of 2005!!!

That was a Freraking Mindless Long Time Ago!!!! Who knows what was really happening back in 2005! Nor is there any real method by which anyone would be able to discover what was actually going on back in 2005!!! So much of it has been lost to time and is merely carrried around in the ranting and ravings of the sort of scare the children Myths and Monster Stories that liberals like to pretend were facts!!!

But can they actually prove any of their allegations!!! That there even WAS a May in 2005!!! Can they actually PROVE that the Greatest Military Leader EVER! even allowed that there was a May in 2005!!!! I say to you once again
If the Blue Dress Does Not FIT!
You Must Acquit!!!!
Because SOME americans patriotically support OUR Valiant FIghtin Forces Valiantly, Gloriously and Ever Victoriously are Going From Greater And Greater Victories In Iran at this very moment!!! Not back in some Mythological Fairy Tale Time of May 2005!!!!

That's THE PROBLEM with these Wild Speculations that there ever WAS a May 2005!!!

Those sort of Fairey Tales maybe useful for scaring little children around the Camp Fire Light, but it is NOT going to scare any of the Glorious Patriotic Victims of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome who are all to willing to Take It In The Rear With The Beer to Protect Our American Way of Life from things that go bump in the Dark!!!!

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