drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What if the torture debate is about hiding the bodies?

One of my EVIL LIBERAL friends was recently a tad distraught that the current so called torture debate is a polite way of avoiding the unpleasant reality that a whole lot of men, women and children were recycled as Bio-Fuels as a part of the american policy of restoring the wetlands in IranqiStania.

Should americans become engaged in the political process of deciding IF converting persons into Bio-Fuels, for reasons of National Boredom is a good thing?

Or should we be more concerned that the number of Cub Holders in an SUV is probably the most important part about making it seem like a safe vehicle.... and leave the resource wars to the people who understand the importance of Finding the Correct Resources, the Correct Way.

You know, to stop Gay Marriages!!! that cause Capitale Gaines taxes!!!

Or is it just enough that folks support the correct implementation of Idiot America.
Tags: torture

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