drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

It's TeaBagging Time In DC again...

A security guard and two other people were shot today inside the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in downtown Washington, authorities said.

U.S. Park Police said a gunman opened fire on the security guard and that other security guards returned fire. The gunman was reported wounded.

[ cf 3 People Shot at U.S. Holocaust Museum ]
Say it LOUD! Say It Proud!
Jack Bauer Would Have Prevented This!!!
If Only The Godless Liberals were not soft on IslamoCryptoZionism

Would this be a bad time to remind america about the positions Jack Bauer has played in amreican culture? Should we start with Scalia? Should we talk about the former carpet salesman who made it a central part of our American Patriotism thus reminding any of those soft on IslamoCyrptoZionism, coming back from IranqIstania that they are either up to being Man Enough, like Jack Bauer, or well... You know, they were just the sort of welfare queens that liberals were giving the soft jobs too....
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