drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

In A Time Of Transferring The Tax Burden Unto The Unborn...

Across the country, workers and students have paid a price for attending the immigration rallies that have recently swept the nation. They have lost jobs or been cited for truancy for joining the hundreds of thousands who have protested proposed federal legislation that would crack down on illegal immigrants.
Now, some rally organizers are telling people not to risk their jobs or education to attend the demonstrations and are considering rescheduling protests to weekends and evenings.

``Obviously businesses have to be run, and it's only right for people to tell their employers that they will be out beforehand,'' said Germonique Jones, a spokeswoman for the Washington-based Center for Community Change, an umbrella group behind the rallies. ``We don't want people losing their jobs over this.''

[ cf AP: Protesters facing risk of citations, job loss ]
Well, there you have it!

If these Anti-State Terrorists can not afford to HIRE their Own Grass Roots Movement to stand in and be the smiling happy faces that publically support the policies that are politically corrrect, then they should NOT be allowed to TERRORISE the Nation with their Hateful Hate Thoughts!!!

If they do not have anything nice to say about how great The Greatest Military Leader EVER! has been! Then they should stay silent, or the state should be allowed to irradicate them for their anti-state activities. Anti-State Terrorists Should KNOW that THE ENEMY IS LISTENING and any acts of anti-state terrorism is merely emboldening the enemy in a time of transferrgin the tax burden unto the unborn!!!

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